Flat-packed and easy-to-assemble, Brickbox modular shelving is perhaps the world's best modern bookcase solution.

Yes, we say that... but why?
BrickBox is a versatile storage system of large or small sized boxes that can be used in combination to form a bookcase, a media console or a room divider. BrickBox is perfect for books, multimedia collections and art objects. BrickBox is also the perfect solution in a playroom or child's bedroom - books and ​toys can be stored neatly behind doors or proudly exhibited.

BrickBox is completely modular and is able to grow with you. Adding on to your existing BrickBox system is simple and quick. Accessories are available: shelves that are perfect for DVDs or other media storage, and doors for those of us that do not wish everything exposed.  

Our decision to import BrickBox was very basic:
It is made with multiple layers of plywood (instead of a honeycomb or laminated particle board). This makes it very strong - carrying up to 220 lbs. The modularity is exactly what you would believe - they can be combined in large numbers or small, and your storage can grow as your needs grow.
The value: There are many options in shelving, even in modular units. BrickBox provides options others do not have, and at a price and quality that offers a clear value.

We are proud to be your source for BrickBox in the USA and Canada.

BrickBox Modular Shelving is designed by Kazam! Design; a furniture and objects design company created in Barcelona in 2010 by Antxon Salvador. Kazam! Design is named in tribute to the ingenious designers, Ray & Charles Eames, who gave the name "Kazam!" to the first prototype of their machine capable of bending plywood (the pressure was provided by a bicycle pump).

BrickBox is in stock and arrives to your doorstep in 2-5 business days.

Call 303-968-5262 for pricing and additional product details - for lovers of Vinyl LP's, we offer a deeper version of BrickBox specifically for you. Please contact us for details.

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