"BrickBox: possibly the world's best modular shelving system." 

BrickBox is designed by Kazam! Design; a furniture and objects design company created in Barcelona in 2010 by Antxon Salvador. Ray & Charles Eames named Kazam! to the first prototype of their machine capable of bending plywood (the pressure was provided by a bicycle pump!)... and it is also their tribute to the ingenious designers. Kazam! believes in a design based on ideas, hence our motto: "Wit-made Design". And we bring our designs to the user without intermediaries: This is the new way in which good ideas reach the public.

BrickBox is a patented shelving system composed of stackable modules used as storage or even transportation. Made of locally sourced white laminated plywood (12mm thick) the modules are sold ready to assemble in an easy to carry flat pack. BrickBox easily forms into a system of storage that are fixed to one another without the need for additional assembly.

BrickBox can be purchased with or without doors. Currently, doors cannot be added to existing BrickBox units; however, both units with and without doors fit together seamlessly.

As in Europe, shipping cost is included in the price; each module is sold separately. BrickBox is perfect for different storage needs; just about anything that you can collect.  (Note: Large BrickBox are placed as in a brick wall and Small BrickBox are placed at the ends in order to equal the structure; as such, only one side or two of the 'feet' of the small lock into place, vs all four feet of the large.


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