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From the outset, Q&M used the slogan “Creators of Atmosphere”: a piece of furniture was not an aim in itself but a medium for a lifestyle that set out to challenge the reigning minimalism; wild and sexy, carefree and fun. Q&M has since enjoyed worldwide acclaim, working with Mercedes Benz, Swarovski, and museums and libraries in Paris, Berlin, Seattle and Istanbul.

Life experiences and the dynamics of constantly changing society are their inspiration when designing products. Quinze & Milan is therefore not a typical design studio but a factory of ideas, concepts, designs and experiments. It is a label that guarantees creativity, quality, excitement and ingenuity.

In addition to producing furniture at our in-house factory, we work in close collaboration with designers, architects and specialized manufacturers that make use of Quinze & Milan’s proprietary equipment when producing products and designs.

In both cases, the result is a quality product that has the added advantage of flexibility; particularly important when serving clients with special requirements.

We can make exactly what you want. Variations in size, colour or finish?  It’s all yours, down to the smallest detail.

Do you wish to inquire about product or pricing?  Please contact us.

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