Modernism in the Rockies

I had the opportunity to see the new Lumina building (Lohi) designed by Tres Birds and built/managed through Treehouse. 
The overall building was magnificent - the design, the functionality - their relationship to the neighborhood and the way the building honors the past and design aesthetics of the passionate people who built it. 
The Building was built on a triangular plot, a combination of three smaller plants upon which sat two bungalows and the Pagliaci restaurant. (Lumina incorporated the Pagliaci signage throughout the space, including the clown which adorns the side of the upper level terrace.)
The southern stair tower is encased in solar panels - this reduces heat and helps to deflect some of the cost of cooling the structure. The round end that faces the highway (I-25) is round for a purpose; the noise from the roadway is deflected by the curve of the building. It is very quiet in the living spaces as a result.
The most prominent features of the building are of course the laser cut panels.
There are several designs with various functions (including to absorb some of the sound), but the overall function is to aid in keeping the building cool. The panels facing west can slide back and forth to most effectively deflect the sun; the unit occupants control where to place them to most effectively reduce the heating effect from the setting sun. 
I have attached photos for you to enjoy - the atrium is my favorite, I love the Ball chairs! I also love the Guggenheim-esque nature of the design, as it allows for air circulation as well as light and of course the openness helps create a sense of community. 
Good design!
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Design After Dark 2015: Cut

Design after Dark 2015 was (once again) a special event; pulling artists, designers, architects, planners, Realtors (a showroom owner or two) and design enthusiasts together from Denver to Boulder to Colorado Springs and even Vail/Aspen to celebrate design and art.

The gala was sold out - there were over one thousand in attendance - many thanks to the many people who planned and executed the event and space, though there were many, it was never overly crowded (nor were the lines - for food or drink or other very long). The items donated by ModMobili (walnut cutting board, Eiffel stool in chrome) were snapped up immediately for maximum bids!

Wonderfully executed, it was an outstanding event from every perspective. Bravo!
I'm already looking forward to 2016....

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ModMobili: Emmemobili

ModMobili is proud to introduce our newest partner: Emmemobili, one of the most prestigious manufacturers of modern designs in Italy.

"The collection Emmemobili had been created by the Tagliabue family; the Tagliabue firm was founded in 1879 at Cantù, and right from the start it has always manufactured top-quality hand made custom furniture. Currently the company is being run by the fourth generation of the family, sensitive towards international trends, innovative design and top-quality customized products."

The Emmemobili collection brings together technology, supreme craftsmanship, top-quality materials, top-quality finishes, and top-quality design. Absolutely exclusive products, made to be recognized and handed down, manufactured with a view to protecting the environment. Consider each piece is hand made to order; this may mean a slightly longer time for production.
At Emmemobili, each piece is made to last a lifetime.

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ModMobili: Verzelloni

ModMobili is proud to present Verzelloni as our newest partner.
Verzelloni is like many of our manufacturers: Family owned, and for 65 years (and three generations) they have been specializing in a specific category of furnishings - upholstery (seating for living areas).

Their best known design: the Zoe collection for indoors and out (pictured; available in several sizes.)
Verzelloni is contract rated and is available with trade pricing.

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Walter Knoll: Dining

You may not know: WK uses solid wood on all their residential furniture - including their dining tables - even in their extendable dining table: Todeo

Solid wood with cross-wise grain: oiled oak white pigmented, oak fumed, oak burned, nutwood with sapwood inclusions.
Extension leaf: same material as table top, veneered cross-wise.

Table legs and base Table legs in solid wood; Panel legs: aluminium powder-coated bronze matte finish.

Walter Knoll is available through ModMobili.    

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ModMobili proudly announces our partnership with Kristalia.

For over 20 years, Kristalia has been working with the worlds top designers (Christophe Pillet, Luciano Bertoncini, Patrick Norguet and Neuland. Paster & Geldmacher among others) to create seating and dining for indoors and outdoors.

Indoor Seating and Dining Tables: Featuring the new Rama Collection, The Sharky Chairs and the all upholstered Joko series, as well as beautifully minimalist extending dining tables.
Outdoor Seating and Dining Tables: Featuring the famous Elephant Chair (pictured), the Mem Chair  as well as tables that fold and extend - all for your year round enjoyment.

Suitable for the home, office, hospitality and resort markets; with contract pricing (always available at ModMobili).

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Living Divani Outdoor: Giardino Geometrico

For Salone this year, Living Divani and Piero Lissoni embedded a pavilion and furnished the grounds with Living Divani outdoor pieces. The results are a joy to behold.


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ModMobili: Opening night!

This was a collaboration with Luxe Magazine; and I want to thank them wholeheartedly for their support.

This is only the beginning - and beginnings are the hardest times, and never accomplished alone. It takes a tribe, and we are lucky to have such a great friends and supporters:
My family - Barbara, Alex, Ed & Kim for their support (in every way), Holly, for her time, incredible knowledge, talent and support; Antxon, Bjarke, Sabine, Daniel, Shawn, Amelia, Carola, Lucia, Gian, Martin, Simone, Grace, Ron, Alyssa, Federica, Gulio, Toni, Gerry, Antoine, Claudio, William, Jeff, Rosa, Nykky, JoAnna, Donnally, Chris, Sally, Ryan, Amy, Pere and Charles for all of their incredible work and unwavering support.
ModMobili literally could not have made it here without all of you.

I would also like to thank our many clients, designers and architects that have embraced our products and mission. We look forward to continued collaborations as we move confidently into the future.

Our showroom will continue to evolve; new artwork, installations, furniture, partners... a fun ride that we will continue to share with all of you.

Jonathan Auty

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Denver Union Station

Denver’s historic Union Station is a Beaux Arts masterpiece located on the edge of the city’s central business district. SOM was commissioned to expand and transform this station into a major regional transportation hub. To do so, the firm converted 20 acres of former rail yards into an urban transit district that orchestrates light rail, commuter and intercity rail, bicycle and bus routes, and pedestrian pathways into an intuitive intermodal hub.

The focal point among these new elements is the open-air Train Hall, which was conceived as an efficient and formally expressive means of sheltering multiple railway tracks. Its primary structural system comprises 11 steel “arch trusses” spanning nearly 180 feet, clad in tensioned PTFE fabric. In profile, the canopy rises 70 feet at either end and descends in a dynamic sweep to 22 feet at the center, a gesture that allows the structure to protect the passenger platforms below, while remaining clear of the view corridor established to protect views of the historic station. Amtrak’s Zephyr trains— which zip passengers from Denver west to San Francisco and east to Chicago—now pull in beneath SOM’s soaring Train Hall canopy every day. In addition, four commuter rail lines are scheduled to open in 2016 and 2018. An enhanced network of pedestrian and public spaces within and around the site now seamlessly integrates the hub into the LoDo (Lower Downtown) district to the east and newer residential neighborhoods to the south, west, and north.

One of the largest of its kind in the United States, the redevelopment of the former rail yards at Denver Union Station is a case study of the power of transit-oriented urban design. This substantial public investment has catalyzed an unprecedented wave of private-sector activity: Economists estimate that the project has already triggered more than $1 billion in private mixed-use investment on surrounding property. Sensitive to its historic location, but fundamentally forward looking in its technical sophistication and city-building spirit, Denver Union Station sets the standard for 21st-century intermodal hubs.

See the full article at

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USM Installation 

We were in Santa Fe NM for a USM delivery - and these two beautiful pieces will be a perfect way to store and display their incredible art collection. We assembled the final pieces for the client; here are the finished results. 

(The client was SO HAPPY!  - and wonderfully nice. It was one of our favorite installations.)

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Arrived: Luiz bedding, throws, and pillows

Today our bedding arrived from our friends at Luiz!
These are top of the line, cotton and linen sheets, wool, linen, cotton and cashmere throws, and all of the above and fur pillows, hand made in Cologne, Germany.
The packaging says a lot about the brand; the attention to detail is special, and indicates the quality of the product within.

ModMobili is not the only distributor of Luiz; however we are the only ones that will have the line as part of our web store, available to purchase on line.  Look for selected Luiz sheets, pillows and throws in June. Additional product by Luiz as well as from other manufacturers will continue to be added throughout the summer.

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Mattise Beach Club by Oldfield Knott Architects
Furniture by: VONDOM

Oldfield Knott Architects have recently completed the Matisse Beach Club in Scarborough, a suburb of Perth, Australia:
Matisse Beach Club is an exclusive mecca of glamour, light and fluid cool. Offering chic cabanas and beach lounges nestled by sparkling aqua pools, you can gather your friends to sip a cocktail while lounging and dipping your toes, or yourself, in the water. Casual dining is available throughout the venue, or you can also make a reservation in our dedicated dining area.

View all the pictures at Contemporist

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Porro: New for 2014

Taiko Bed:
A unique blend of rigorous geometry and inviting softness, the Taiko bed presents a wooden bed frame and feather filled back cushions. With a constant and welcoming volume in the warm notes and golden blonde color of heat treated elm, it matches the natural rope color of its cushions, perfect for mellow atmospheres that invite you to rest.
Finishes: Heat treated elm -
Headboard options: Fabric, leather and eco-leather cushions.

Maggio Drawers:
Narrow and elongated, Maggio is an amusing chest of drawers crowned with a mirror with a diamond-shaped section, 2 pullout trays and 6 large drawers. It is created with an inlaid design on the front, achieved by combining three different types of wood – elm, oak and acacia – according to abstract geometric compositions that meld the points of the triangle with the curved contours of the circle in unexpected directions. With a maple interior, pliable brass, bronze and inox steel elements and the unexpected three-dimensionality in its profile, Maggio belongs to a small series of exquisite and collectible furniture, between art and design.

Launched at the Milan Salone 2014
Available, Fall 2014

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ModMobili: Update

In the past, our posts have been surrounding local events, news from our partners, and our showroom's opening:
That opening is happening on May 29th; if you'd like to come, please feel free to RSVP:

We are also reshaping two aspects of our website.
One: The shop!
Look forward to the next three months for changes; these will include adding content, as well as loosing content.
example: We will be dropping some of the Artek 60 stool styles. yes - they are still available to special order, but we feel that there should be a more refined and curated approach to our selections. Best sellers will of course stay. Other items will be small boutique buys and available while we have stock. Everything else will be from a categorymost dear to our hearts: things that we love. This can mean we love the design; or we love the value, or we love the idea behind it....  but we will love everything we present, rather than just having stuff on a website.
So, there's that.

Two: our blog!
In the past, we have blogged as stated above; this meant that every 2-3 months, we'd post something here... making it pretty irrelevant.
Of course, we also have our Facebook page that received updates a few times a week; Pinterest boards updated regularly, and our Tumblr page.
We will consolidate some of that - and be posting here more often, with supporting information across all media.

So more work for us; but in the end we hope that the design news we are getting out makes an positive impact on our readers.

We hope you enjoy the changes.

Jonathan Auty

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ModMobili Showroom: Open by appointment

The long awaited showroom is opeing!
Featuring furnishings by Living Divani, Porro, Zanotta, USM Modular Furniture, Walter Knoll, Artek, Goebel & Co, and others; Kymo rugs, Pallucco, Prandina, Yamagiwa lighting is also featured. Of course, the BrickBox system is also available to view, and is kept in stock in the showroom as well.
Located in the hot RiNo section of downtown Denver, the showroom is set along the lines of a home, with two living room vignettes; two bedroom vignettes, a dining room (as well as two other dining options, and the usual assortment of chairs and bar stools to view); and an outdoor area with lounge and dining options.

Please note that it is by appointment. Grand opening party to occur later in the spring.
We look forward to seeing you!

1203 24th St

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Hands On: Crafting Sustainable Furniture From Tree to Table
When the fireplace gets hot enough in Martin Goebel’s parents’ house, you can smell the sap from the white-pine plank dining table. It’s the smell that once occupied the backyard. Goebel’s grandfather planted the pines in the ’60s. After a recent ice storm, the pines had to come down. Goebel, founder of Goebel & Co. Furniture, a three-year-old artisan furniture company in St. Louis, repurposed the pines by building the table for his parents. Now when his parents’ friends come over to have fondue dinners or to talk of old times, the heat activates the sap. And the sap activates aromas and memories for Goebel and his parents. Quietly, in the background of the conversation, Goebel’s mind is flooded with thoughts of his grandfather.
“It is different for everybody, but there is a nostalgic reaction that people have with furniture. It gives an experience that is not just visual. There are smells and textures that remind us of something – sometimes it is the way a rough edge feels or the story behind a scratch. Furniture is more than an elevated surface,” Goebel says.
For more, please visit Feast St. Louis
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Got News? Contact us today.

Jonathan Auty, Owner



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